Macallan 1928 50 Year Old Anniversary Malt 75cl


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Estimated total cost for buyer: £90200.00
Estimated total cost for buyer with delivery*: £90220.00
* Assuming only 1 bottle and delivery cost £20 Estimated total earning for seller: £81995.00

Buyers will pay an additional 10% commission, plus VAT where applicable. There is no VAT on the hammer price. We also offer Loss & Breakage liability cover – see below for details. See the delivery section for shipping costs as well as information on our long term storage solution. Buyers should be aware that SWA do not pay local taxes, duties and tariff’s that may be applicable in the Country of delivery. Please contact the relevant Customs & Duty office for more information on costs for receiving whiskies and spirits. Please note that SWA will never falsify declared values on our commercial invoices.
We have clear and fair fees for both our buyers and sellers. The sellers fees are: £5 per bottle including miniatures £10 reserve per bottle (if required) All fees will attract VAT where applicable. Please note that any requests for items to be re-lotted, or moved between auctions, that haven't been made clear prior to, or at the time we receive your bottles, may be subject to additional administration charges. (Please see the buyers tab for buying fees.) To sell your bottles with us please complete a submission form and include it with your bottles every time - Download Submission Sheet.

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